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Mar-2019 01
Between biltong and trophies – Cutting it fine

Looking back now I still get the chills… this could have ended badly. It was the end…

Oct-2018 10
The Game Guide – Blesbuck

Many young hunters open their hunting account with a blesbuck, which is usually…

Sep-2018 28
Outdoor TV Apps – the Rundown

Being a hunter or an outdoorsman usually means enjoying the outdoors when you get the…

Sep-2018 04
The Game Guide – Impala

Impala is probably one of the most common and affordable bushveld antelope for the…

Sep-2018 01
Bushveld Tails – August 2018

August brings the winds of change in sunny South Africa. These gusting winds blow…

Aug-2018 29
A Crispy Take on Springbok Liver

So, like many other hunters we have this tradition: the fresh liver of the first buck…

Aug-2018 15
Dave Sheer Pretoria… The Shooter’s Oasis

Driving out to your favourite shooting range usually brings with it a swell of…

Nov-2017 24
Rudy Project part 2 – Eyes on Target

Off to the shooting range. Finally, we get the opportunity to look more closely at…

Sep-2017 19
Venison… The Smoky Alternative

Biltong hunters enjoy an additional benefit of hunting that the trophy guy really…

Sep-2017 04
Rudy Project – Take a Better Look

For those of us who haven’t made the effort to go out and get a decent pair of…